About Harvest International Ministries

Harvest International Ministries (HIM) is an international Christian organization, pursuing the agenda of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples of all nations. HIM operates mainly through its church arm – Harvest Chapel International (HCI) – which has now grown into a network of mission-minded Harvest Chapel International churches, gradually spreading throughout the world.

The origins of the ministry date to the late 1970s in Accra, Ghana, with the formation of Calvary Road Incorporated – an evangelistic group functioning predominantly through Calvary Road Singers - its channel of music and also through drama. After some years of effective frontline Christian service, the group, in line with the flow of the Spirit, in 1993 transitioned into the church phase of ministry – while retaining its foundational outreach orientation.

The ministry stands on the pillars of certain core values which are emphasized to its membership right from youthful stages through adulthood. We are also committed to seeing this bear fruit at individual, family and organizational levels. These core values include; Honesty, Achievement, Respect, Vision-mindedness, Excellence, Sacrifice and Thankfulness.


In pressing forward with the divine mandate, the grace of God has enabled the ministry to remain at the forefront of Christian music ministry on the Ghanaian scene, particularly within the framework of its annual “Harvest Praise” (evangelistic) gospel music program held during every Easter season. This has become a much heralded event, hosting both top-notch local and international gospel music ministers, and has served as a platform for the salvation of many unsaved; and is still growing from strength to strength for these past 17 years.

The scope of HIM is therefore not limited exclusively to HCI/church-centered activities alone; but rather, its outlook permeates into the wider body of Christ, and extends into making impact in communities, and addressing the concerns of society – with many examples of such good works abounding in ministry archives. HIM’s functional framework consequently makes room for viable partnerships from external bodies, to further the cause of Christ.
HIM/HCI will continue to make greater impact for His Kingdom, in line with His mandate to, “…lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest”. (John 4:35)

Our Core Values

These are the Core Values of Harvest International Ministries:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Faith
  • Excellence
  • Holy Ambition
  • Hard Work
  • Achievement 


Our Mission Statement

To Preach the Gospel for the Salvation Of the whole man, equip potential leaders for Ministry and effective Christian testimony in their vocations in an environment of Love and strong family links.